Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator (ALADIN) is a website password protection, user authentication and access management tool kit
- allows visually manage files and folders password protection , instantly create one or several protected areas;
- allows, just clicking on the folders image, create one Member area, or(and) Clients Area, or(and) Partners Area etc.;
- organizing single Member Area with simple Member login facility or different access levels for user groups, if it is required (members, clients,..);
- provides manual, through Control Panel, and automated (online) user registration with different registration scenarios;
- allows manage email messages, send notification and confirmation email (optional);
- supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) user data management;
- provides manual (administrative) and automated (online) authentication and user access control;
 ALADIN is a completed solution. Make up only one link to incorporate your web site with ALADIN and it will work, registering users and managing users access to the protected area;
 You don't need to know anything, to read tutorials, to have any programming experience. Graphical web interface provides your comfortable work. Take and launch at once.

Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator Main Advantages:
- no programming skills required for program applying; - no installation required: self-installation, self-settings;
- 24/7 on-line individual training for everybody available; - clearly visible graphical web interface;
- visual password protection and access control; - no learning is required, take and use at once;
- automated customization to server properties; - full information picture of access control.

Advanced Login Area Designer-Integrator Demos
- has been created as a training system; - you may check all modes and features without restrictions
Take a look at a blitz-demo, as it's easily and simply   

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