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Services Overview 
Diofant main energy aimed on providing such professional cost-effective IT services and products which will be able to increase your e-business profit on the Internet easy and quickly.
Testing our demo examples you will be convinced of software easily to understand and use. No PHP,FTP,Apache or programming knowledge are needed to use software. All around we are operating with clear and visible objects - table forms, catalogue tree, etc.
Software installation is rather simple. Also in demo you will be able to see and learn how it needs to be configured from real example. But you must check all directory paths carefully. This may cause some problems. If you would like to have software professionally installed on your webserver, please fill out our [Installation Request Form ::] .
Software employment consulting 
Diofant specialists will integrate your business information to suggest most proper version from our software products list. They will provide you additional information service via email, take care to update purchased products.
Customer project development 
We always attempt to find the most efficient connection between customer project ideas and our experience, knowledge to customize our software solutions for your business. We may create a number of differently-orientated projects more or less cost and you may choose the most suitable for you. We are ready to introduce new features in our products if it is needed for your business problem. We would like our customers become our stable partners. Our long time cooperative working may be useful and bring benefits for each other.
Submit New Feature 
Have a great idea of the new adjustment for one of our products? There you can submit your idea or new feature and may be it will be included into future release! Your name will be listed in the documentation as an idea submitter! Spacial form 
Have a Project? 
Here you can request a quote for your project or idea. Spacial form 
Spacial form  [special form ::]

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