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...This script is very easy to install and has besides a nice user management feature also an extensive password protection feature which allows you to not only protect directories but also certain files within a directory. It is very userfriendly, has a good tutorial section and the service of Alex of Diofant is wonderful. He got out of his way to help me through the installation process! Conclusion: a good product with great service for a reasonable price... manuela_p
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Please complete the entire order form as best as you can to speed up the installation process. Programs must be registered prior to being installed. We only will install our programs on Unix and NT servers.
You'll notice that this is a long form and requires a lot of information. The questions on this form were compiled to help reduce the amount of time required to install the program. If you have trouble answering any of the questions below, please contact your server administrator and/or your web host's help files.
Installation is free of charge 
I understand that DIOFANT is not responsible for the hosting provider I have chosen. While every effort will be made to set up the program, I understand that no guarantees have been made that the program will be able to function on my server. I also understand that I am paying for the installers time only and am still responsible for all charges regardless of the outcome of the installation.

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